Sentence Examples with the word cloister

Sofia, a circular edifice of about 760, now modernized, the roof of which is supported by six ancient columns, is a relic of the Lombard period; it has a fine cloister of the 12th century constructed in part of fragments of earlier buildings; while the cathedral with its fine arcaded facade and incomplete square campanile (begun in 1279) dates from the 9th century and was rebuilt in 1114.

Its of peace ceased when the life of the cloister had to be exchanged for the discipline of the camp; so in the sketch of the the older orders, which preserved to their members certain constitutional rights.

To the south of the church there is a cloister (latter half of the 15th century) with graceful arcades.

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To the south of the church, so as to secure as much sun as possible, the cloister was invariably placed, except when local reasons forbade it.

He was defeated, blinded and sent back to die in the cloister of Sahagun.

Traditional still, but supported by greater probability, a story states that Sebert, eastern cloister walk), and choir of polygonal apsidal form, with six chapels (four polygonal) opening north and south of it, and an eastern Lady Chapel, known as Henry VII.'s chapel.

He became a monk of Corbie, near Amiens in Picardy, in 814, and assumed, the cloister name of Paschasius.

To the left of the church is an exquisite cloister of 1308 with double columns, in which a number of inscriptions relating to the Doria family and also the statue of Andrea Doria by Montorsoli are preserved.

We have the cloister (H) to the south, with the threeaisled chapter-house (I) and calefactory (L) opening from its eastern walk, and the refectory (S), with the kitchen (Q) and buttery (T) attached, at right angles to its southern walk.

On the south side of the cloister stood the refectory (P), an immense building, loo ft.