Sentence Examples with the word clock on

She checked the clock on the nightstand then the notepad listing the time of the flight she'd booked the afternoon before after exploring the mansion.

There was an alarm clock on the nightstand beside the black base of a lamp.

She glanced at antique school house clock on the kitchen wall, a recent purchase.

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It was 6:10 by the Budweiser clock on the far wall.

Two hours ago, according to the clock on the mantle.

After good times and hard times and a number of renovations, it is once again a major New England travel hub, second only to Logan Airport where I'd just left my wife Even the iconic clock on the front of the building with its twelve foot face, styled after Big Ben, has been restored and running again.

She glanced at the alarm clock on the night stand as they entered the bedroom.

She glanced at the clock on the wall behind him.

When Jackson entered the house, he glanced at the antique clock on the mantle: two minutes to six.

She listened but heard no one downstairs to indicate the movers had been through and glanced at the clock on her nightstand.