Sentence Examples with the word cloak

A loose woollen coat reaching to the knees, and bound round the waist by a thick fold of cotton cloth, forms the dress of the men; the women's dress is a long cloak with loose sleeves.

For the rest of his reign Henry was ruler of all the old dominions of the Conqueror, and none of his subjects could cloak disloyalty by the pretence of owing a divided allegiance to two masters.

In Rome they wore the toga, perhaps girded up; on a campaign and at the celebration of a triumph, the red military cloak (sagulum); at funerals, black.

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He wore a cloak and carried a staff and a wallet, and this costume became the uniform of his followers.

She pushed back the hood on her cloak to meet the man's gaze.

Morel, a short sturdy Frenchman with inflamed and streaming eyes, was wearing a woman's cloak and had a shawl tied woman fashion round his head over his cap.

When he entered Rome in triumph, his sister recognized a cloak which he was wearing as a trophy as one she had herself made for her lover, one of the Curiatii.

He became aware of the subtle movement of air beneath the front door, the cloudlike cloak clenched in his left hand and gritty dirt beneath his right, the trickle of blood down his throat to his gullet.

His somewhat ostentatious assertions of impartiality do not cloak a marked preference for the Burgundians in their struggle with France.

It has always been politic for powerful states to facilitate and hide schemes of aggrandizement under euphemistic expressions; to cloak subjection or dependence by describing it in words inoffensive or strictly applicable to other relations.