Sentence Examples with the word cleverly

His seemingly generous offer to allow her an extended vacation had been nothing more than a cleverly constructed plan to keep her tied to Denton.

NUTHATCH, in older English NUTHACK, from its habit of hacking or chipping nuts, which it cleverly fixes, as though in a vice, in a chink or crevice of the bark of a tree, and then hammers them with the point of its bill till the shell is broken.

He cleverly tracked down Brenda, tortured her and left her body on an Iowa roadside.

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Prince Charles cleverly temporized with both powers.

By a cleverly devised ruse he avoided General Colonna's force, which expected him on the.

Either she had never seen him angry or he had cleverly concealed it - like every other emotion.

These are cleverly employed in order to heighten the impression of its instability.

Her jugglery was cleverly conceived, but on three occasions was exposed in the mostrconclusive manner.

Captain Thomas Bullitt (1730-1778), a Virginian, commanded a company under Washington at Great Meadows (July 4, 1754), was in Braddock's disastrous expedition in 1755, and after the defeat of Major James Grant in 1758 saved his disorganized army by a cleverly planned attack upon the pursuers.

No real opposition was offered to the proposal, and the king cleverly sketched out on the moment a plan to be adopted.