Sentence Examples with the word cleft

The flowers are large, yellow, scented and a little drooping, with a corolla deeply cleft into six lobes, and a central bell-shaped nectary, which is crisped at the margin.

It ran into a narrow cleft which he had not seen before, and then through a long, dark passage which was barely large enough for a man's body.

The terminal phalanges of the large toes of both feet cleft at their extremities.

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CAPYBARA, or Carpincho (Hydrochaerus capybara), the largest living rodent mammal, characterized by its moderately long limbs, partially-webbed toes, of which there are four in front and three behind, hoof-like nails, sparse hair, short ears, cleft upper lip and the absence of a tail.

Each primary gill-cleft becomes divided into two by a tongue-bar which grows down secondarily from the upper wall of the cleft and fuses with the ventral wall.

This the elders of the tribe pick up or pretend to find, and carefully store up in a cleft of the hills or in a cave which no woman may approach.

The Ferghana Mountains, which are cleft by the Naryn (upper Syr-darya) river, have a mean altitude of 10,000 ft., but attain elevations of 12,740 ft.

A great cleft runs right through the world: all creation divides itself into that which is Ahura's and that which is Ahriman's.

Taking place in a simple leaf with palmate or radiating venation, give origin to lobed, cleft and partite forms.

End of the lake of the same name and the point at which the river Suze or Scheuss (on the right bank of which it is situated) issues from a deep cleft (called the Taubenloch) in the Jura range.