Sentence Examples with the word cleavage

Burr.- p T 9 pl.y ped.g: reversal of the cleavage planes in sinistral as compared with dextral forms. The facts, however, strongly suggest that the original cause of the torsion was the weight of the exogastric shell and visceral hump, which in an animal creeping on its ventral surface necessarily fell over to one side.

The cleavage of the original en, Endoderm or enteric cell layer.

As an attribute the word may be applied to a cultured man of the world, who has travelled widely and is at home in many forms of civilization, to such races as the Jewish, scattered through the civilized world, yet keeping beneath their cosmopolitanism the racial type pure, and also to mark a profound line of cleavage in economic and political thought.

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In the first, a cleavage follows each nuclear division; in the second, the nuclei multiply by division a number of times, and then the ovum divides into as many blastomeres as there are nuclei present.

Sheets of mica very often show coloured rings and bands (Newton's rings), due to the interference of light at the surfaces of internal cleavage cracks.

In passing from a slate to a grit the direction of the cleavage changes so that it tends to be more nearly perpendicular to the bedding planes.

It is produced by minute crumplings on the cleavage faces all arranged so that they lie along definite planes crossing the cleavage.

There is a perfect cleavage parallel to the orthopinacoid and less perfect cleavages parallel to the faces of the prism.

The cleavage is imperfect, but there is a well-marked conchoidal fracture.

In so doing he points out that we become conscious of a great cleavage which practically divides the book into two parts, i.