Sentence Examples with the word clear out

Ours? said many voices, and the men were in such haste to clear out that the prince could hardly stop them.

To clear out the government, and punish those responsible for the late disasters, the commons of Kent rose in insurrection under a captain who called himself John Mortimer, though his real name seems to have been John Cade.

The bill enacted that no vessel should clear out for slaves from any port within the British dominions after the 1st of May 1807, and that no slave should be landed in the colonies after the 1st of March 1808.

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I just hope you fellows are here to clear out number 22.

She would put her goats in there and let them clear out the brush.

These machines, which are driven by compressed air, are very handy in use, as the height and direction of the cut may be readily varied; but the work is rather severe to the driver on account of the recoil shock of the piston, and an assistant is necessary to clear out the small coal from the cut, which limits the rate of cutting.

Several more joined him to clear out debris and the remains of a building.