Sentence Examples with the word clear away

Through an orifice in the outlet pipe (which is closed during the distillation by a loose plug) a hot iron rod can be introduced from time to time to clear away any solid zinc that may threaten to obstruct it.

To the work carried on by the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in England, and to investigators in other countries, are due the present day scientific efforts made to systematize investigation and clear away many of the hypothetical speculations that have gathered round this most difficult subject.

Her first business was to plant herself firmly on her own territory, to make good her position and clear away old and objectionable opinions.

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You get into mixed rock and ice and there's often snow to clear away to get to a hard surface.

Sir Sackville Carden, the British commander-in-chief in those waters, proposed that a fleet should try to destroy the Ottoman forts in the Straits and to clear away the mine-fields sown in the channel, by adopting a process of methodical advance.

The multiplication of pilgrims after Islam soon made it necessary to clear away the nearest dwellings and enlarge the place of prayer around the Ancient House.

A footman wanted to come in to clear away something in the room but she would not let him, and having closed the door behind him continued her walk.