Sentence Examples with the word cleaning

She returned to the room, where the two Germen women still sat and talked while cleaning their camping gear.

After cleaning up the counter, she opened the refrigerator.

Later, after the guests left, the three-person management team was cleaning up when the front door bell rang.

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A peculiar industry is the grading, roasting, cleaning and shelling of peanuts.

Finally, satisfied the house was safe, she put the groceries away and began cleaning the cabin.

Equipped with the most modern appliances, cooking and cleaning was quick and easy.

She took in the clean car and shook her head, wondering how many hours a week he spent cleaning everything he owned to keep it all so spotless.

Factories for cleaning and baling raw cotton and for extracting cotton oil were set up, and employed a large number of people, mostly in Ferghana.

It's the rambling of a disturbed woman but you'd better bury it somewhere before you have to start explaining your upstairs cleaning habits.

In the gundi the two inner toes of the hind-foot are furnished with a horny comb and bristles for the purpose of cleaning the fur, and the tail is very short; but in Pectinator the tail is longer.