Sentence Examples with the word clean up

The men silently devoured their food and then helped her clean up the camp.

I left you a mess to clean up in Ohio, he said.

Watch her for a bit while we go back and clean up what's left of Czerno's goons.

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We gotta clean up before the cops get here.

Cynthia tried to clean up the topless Jeep, still aflood with the bounty of nature's deluge.

In the morning, she'd clean up the house and then start working on another painting, the portrait of Evelyn and Romas she wanted to give the two of them as their joint wedding present.

The museum can't open for hours, Dean asked his wife as he helped clean up the dining room.

Past-Deidre walked out and left me to clean up the mess, which I did poorly.

Hospitals clean up real well and we weren't exactly Johnnie-on-the-spot getting there.

I'd like to help clean up some articles, but I don't have a scan of the original article and find it difficult to know what mangled word is supposed to be.