Sentence Examples with the word clayey

For dry situations almond stocks are preferable, but they are not long-lived, while for damp or clayey foams it is better to use certain kinds of plums. Double-working is sometimes beneficial; thus an almond budded on a plum stock may be rebudded with a tender peach, greatly to the advantage of the latter.

The salt has been dissolved out of its original matrix, and the cavity so formed has then been filled with fine clayey or other mineral matter, forming a cubic cast.

These are still largely used, and are prepared by burning limestones containing clayey matter.

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The soil is a clayey or a sandy loam, and very fertile except in the Usar tracts, where there is a saline efflorescence.

The low clayey or sandy shores are subject to erosion by waves.

Arvense, one of the commonest species, is a troublesome weed in clayey cornfields (see fig.).

The ground was originally a Roman Cemetery, and about the year 1576 bricks were largely made from the clayey earth, the recollection of which is kept alive in the name of Brick Lane.

The Thanet beds resting on chalk form a narrow outcrop rising into cliffs at Pegwell Bay and Reculver, and consist (1) of a constant base bed of clayey greenish sand, seldom more than 5 ft.

To the south-west the clayey soil becomes saline.

In the upper part of the district the soil is sandy, while in the lower part it is clayey and produces finer crops.