Sentence Examples with the word clawed

Fourth and Oak were just as desolate as Ninth and Locust, but as soon as Dean stopped the car, a disheveled figure jumped from the darkness and clawed at the passenger door until Dean reached over and opened it.

She picked her way through the first few steps, startled when he launched himself at a tree, clawed his way up, and bypassed the muddy section by leaping to the next tree.

By the time she clawed her way over the edge, she was soaked with sweat and panting, her muscles burning from effort.

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Giddon exclaimed sharply and clawed a spider web from his face.

He clawed at the ground and began to weep.

The woman jerked beneath him and clawed at the Black God draining her blood.

She clawed her way into a sweatshirt as she hurried to the door.

The tourists were left below and Dean was alone save the sounds of nature on the rocky rutted path as his Jeep's tires clawed upward.

Rodents may be characterized as terrestrial, or in some cases arboreal or aquatic, placental mammals of small or medium size, with a milk and a permanent series of teeth, plantigrade or partially plantigrade, and generally five-toed, clawed (rarely nailed or semi hoofed) feet, clavicles or collar-bones (occasionally imperfect or rudimentary), no canine teeth, and a single pair of lower incisors, opposed by only one similar and functional pair in the upper jaw.

Wormshaped, without limbs, except Chirotes which has short, clawed forelimbs.