Sentence Examples with the word classics

Degree with first-class honours in both classics and mathematics in 1813, he next year obtained the chancellor's prize for a Latin essay, and shortly afterwards was elected to a fellowship in his college, Keble, Newman and Arnold being among his contemporaries.

The colonial historical classics are William Bradford, History of Plimoth Plantation (pub.

It may be added that in all the German Gymnasia, whether reformed or not, more time is given to classics than in the corresponding schools in England.

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He was a distinguished educationist who fought for the retention of the Latin classics in the schools and instituted the celebrated catechetical method of St Sulpice.

Since a knowledge of Greek was still confined to a small body of scholars, and a still smaller proportion of physicians, the first task was to translate the Greek classics into Latin.

Chief Justice Routhier, A Most Accomplished Occasional Writer, Is Very French Canadian When Arraigning Les Grands Drames Of The Classics (1889) Before His Ecclesiastical Court And Finding Them Guilty Of Paganism.

By the scheme of 1901 the pupils of the Realgymnasium, the Oberrealschule and the Gymnasium were admitted to the university on equal terms in virtue of their leaving-certificates, but Greek and Latin were still required for students of classics or divinity.

Since then, however, he has been almost up to our own times the most popular and widely read of all medical classics, partly for the qualities already indicated, partly because he was one of the few of those classics accessible to readers of Latin, and partly also because of the purity and classical perfection of his language.

Works of this kind became still more abundant in the 14th and in the first half of the 15th century, till the wider distribution of the medical classics in the original put them out of fashion.

The cause of the new development of Extension Scholasticism in the 13th century was the acquisition for of know- the first time of the complete works of Aristotle (see ledge of Classics and Arabian Philosophy).