Sentence Examples with the word classic

Alton, selections in his Specimens of the Classic Poets (1814), ii.

We are not without a clue to the pitch usual in the classic Greek and Alexandrian ages: the vocal octave to which the lyre was adapted was noted as from e to O.

Like Italian men of letters, these pioneers of humanism gave a classic turn to their patronymics; unfamiliar names, Crotus Rubeanus and Pierius Graecus, Capnion and Lupambulus Ganymedes, Oecolampadius and Melanchthon, resounded on the Rhine.

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After receiving his early education in Paris, he was sent to Rugby, and thence proceeded to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he was second classic and chancellor's medallist, and rowed for the university in the winning boat against Oxford.

This report has become a classic in the literature of petroleum.

Yet we find in the writings of Ghiberti and Alberti, we notice in the masterpieces of these men and their compeers Brunelleschi and Donatello, how even in the 15th century the minds of artists were fascinated by what survived of classic grace and science.

He graduated senior classic and 30th wrangler, and was elected a fellow of his college.

In plain prose, here are four whales as well known to the students of Cetacean History as Marius or Sylla to the classic scholar.

Founding himself to some extent on the traditional motives, Diirer conceived and carried out a set of designs in which the qualities of the German late Gothic style, its rugged strength and restless vehemence, its love of gnarled forms, writhing actions and agitated lines, are fused by the fire of the young master's spirit into vital combination with something of the majestic power and classic severity which he had seen and admired in the works of Mantegna.

Christ, Das Pflanzenleben der Schweiz (1882) - the chief classic on the subject; Engler, Die Pflanzenformationen and die pflanzengeographische Gliederung der Alpenkette (1901); Heer, Ueber die nivale Flora der Schweiz (1885); Jerosch, Geschichte and Herkunft der schweizerischen Alpenflora; eine Ubersicht fiber den gegenwartigen Stand der Frage (1903); Schroter, Das Pflanzenleben der Alpen (Zurich, 1908); R.