Sentence Examples with the word clarify

This should clarify any ambiguity regarding the practices undertaken.

From the city, settling basins being used to clarify the water.

There are several ways to clarify water.

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Please clarify the meaning of any initials appearing in the proposed names.

In California this incident served only to open up agreeable personal relations and social courtesies, but it did not tend to clarify the diplomatic atmosphere.

EPHESIANS This book of the New Testament, the most general and least occasional and polemic of all the Pauline epistles, a large section of which seems almost like the literary elaboration of a theological topic, may best be described as a solemn oration, addressed to absent hearers, and intended not primarily to clarify their minds but to stir their emotions.

Accordingly, when he was nearly forty years of age he went through a varied course of study and experiment, in order to enlarge and clarify his view of things.

She added, as if to clarify the situation, that her son Randy would be there too.