Sentence Examples with the word clarification

A partial clarification was suggested in 1787 by J.

This spontaneous clarification was at one time the only method in vogue.

As such strainers were further improved, by sorting the sand and gravel, and using the fine sand only at the surface, better clarification of the water was obtained; but chemical analysis indicated, or was at the time thought to indicate, that that improvement was practically confined to clarification, as the dissolved impurities in the water were certainly very little changed.

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The clarification and spirit of research so clearly emphasized by Robert Boyle in the middle of the 17th century is reflected in the classification of substances expounded by Nicolas Lemery, in 1675, in his Cours de chymie.

I looked up for clarification with the knowledge I'd been omitted from the decision phase of our discussion.

This would easily allow clarification of what is 100-years-ago vague without really tampering with the text.