Sentence Examples with the word clammy

She wiped clammy hands on her pants and moved toward the horse.

Scared, Deidre slid on her sandals and walked into the cold, clammy shadow world.

In height, and as it grows becoming branched, and furnished with alternate sessile leaves, which are stem-clasping, oblong, unequally-lobed, clothed with glandular clammy hairs, and of a dull grey-green, the whole plant having a powerful nauseous odour.

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Great prostration, vomiting and cold, clammy perspiration follow within one to three hours.

The metal clippers felt unusually cold in her clammy grip.

Skin clammy with nervous sweat, Deidre concentrated on taking deep breaths.

Her hands grew clammy as she circled the wide base of the obelisk to see the names on the other side.

The pale clay-coloured gills, offensive odour, and clammy or even viscid top are decisive characters.

She was shaking, cold with fear on the inside and fevered skin clammy on the outside.

It is very important that seeds should be sown when the ground is in a good working condition, and not clammy with moisture.