Sentence Examples with the word civil war

During the civil war between Marius and Sulla he sided with the former, but was defeated by Sulla at mount Tifata near Capua, and again by Metellus at Faventia in Cisalpine Gaul (82).

During the Civil War Melton was in February 1644 the scene of a defeat of the parliamentary forces by the royalists.

Cond resumed civil war with the support of Spain, because he was not given Mazarins place; but though he defeated the royal army at Blneau, he was surprised at Etampes, and nearly crushed by Turenne at the gate of SaintAntoine.

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During the Civil War he served as a private in the Union army for ninety days in 1861, and two years later took part in the Gettysburg campaign as a volunteer.

The social war (90-89 B.C.) had been brought to a close by the enfranchisement of Rome's Italian subjects; and the civil war which followed it led, after the departure of Sulla for the East, to the temporary triumph of the populares, led by Marius and Cinna, and the indiscriminate massacre of their political opponents, including both of Caesar's uncles.

So far as state and national elections are concerned, the privilege was extended to native non-freeholders by the constitution of 1842, to naturalized foreigners who had served in the Civil War by an amendment of the 7th of April 1886, and to all adult male citizens by the amendment of the 4th of April 1888.

After the Civil War Blair became a supporter of President Johnson's reconstruction policy, and eventually rejoined the Democratic party.

By the close of 1850 the railway mileage had increased to 575 m., and for the next forty years, with the exception of the Civil War period, more than 2000 m.

Baldwin insisted on going to Thessalonica; Bonif ace laid siege to Hadrianople, where Baldwin had established a governor; civil war seemed inevitable.

And, the government chose to pursue the PMF rather than risk another civil war by going after people with a lot of influence and money.