Sentence Examples with the word civet

In confinement, it becomes comparatively tame, and yields civet in considerable quantity.

The porcupine, the squirrel, the civet cat, the ichneumon and the otter are common.

Civets are characterized by the possession of a deep pouch in the neighbourhood of the genital organs, into which the substance known as civet is poured from the glands by which it is secreted.

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Among the Carnivores are the binturong and an otter, both found in the PalawanCalamianes group; two civet cats, which range throughout the archipelago, and a wild cat of small size, which has been found in Palawan, Panay, Negros and Luzon.

The African civet (Viverra civetta) is from 2 to 3 ft.

The small Indian civet or rasse (Viverricula malaccensis) ranges from Madagascar through India to China, the Malay Peninsula, and the islands of the Archipelago.

Of the civet family, ranging from Cape Colony to Algoa Bay.

In a state of captivity the civet is never completely tamed, and only kept for the sake of its perfume, which is obtained in largest quantity from the male, especially when in good condition and subjected to irritation, being scraped from the pouch with a small spoon usually twice a week.

The lion is now only found in the northern parts of Futa Jallon; panthers, leopards, hyenas and wild cats are more common and the civet is found.

The wild animals include the elephant, still found in large numbers, the leopard, panther, chimpanzee, grey monkeys, antelope of various kinds, the buffalo, wild hog, bush goat, bush pig, sloth, civet and squirrel.