Sentence Examples with the word city limits

Within the city limits the Muskingum is crossed by seven bridges (including a notable concrete Y bridge) and the Licking by two.

Immediately outside the city limits in 1905 were various large and important manufactories, including railway shops, foundries, slaughterhouses, ice factories and brick-yards.

In 1900, and for a long period preceding, Pittsburg ranked first among American cities in the manufacture of glass, but in 1905 it was outranked in this industry by Muncie, Indiana, Millville, New Jersey, and Washington, Pennsylvania; but in the district outside of the city limits of Pittsburg much glass is manufactured, so that the Pittsburg glass district is the greatest in the country, and there are large glass factories at Washington (18 m.

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Within the city limits and furnishes water-power for factories; among the manufactures are textiles, boots and shoes, leather belting, sash, doors and blinds, carriages, machinery and bricks.

At Frankfort, also, are the state arsenal, the state penitentiary and the state home for feeble-minded children, and just outside the city limits is the state coloured normal school.

Boise is the seat of the state school for the deaf and blind (1906), and just outside the city limits are the state soldiers' home and the state penitentiary.

An excellent system of parks-8 within the city with an aggregate area of 1311 acres, and 3 with an aggregate area of 310 acres just outside the city limits - adds to the beauty of the city, among the most attractive being the Riverside, the St Clair, the University, the Military, the Fair View, the Garfield and the Brookside.

Radius, but outside the city limits proper, there was a further population equal in number to that within the municipality itself.

Immediately outside the city limits in 1905 there were many large manufactories, including the repair shops of the Southern railroad; iron and steel, car wheels and cotton-oil were among the products of the suburban factories.