Sentence Examples with the word circumscription

Of Lake Chad and forming part of the Chad circumscription of French Congo.

The department is within the judicial circumscription of the appeal court of Lyons and the educational circumscription (academie) of Lyons.

Thus while the emperor, as king of Prussia, is summus episcopus of the Prussian Evangelical Church, as emperor he enjoys no such ecclesiastical headship. In the several states the relations of church and state differ fundamentally according as these states are Protestant or Catholic. In the latter these relations are regulated either by concordats between the governments and the Holy See, or by bulls of circumscription issued by the pope after negotiation.

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It falls within the educational circumscription (academie) of Dijon and the military circumscription of the XX.

Aveyron belongs to the 16th military region, and to the academie or educational circumscription of Toulouse.

In May 1869 he was returned to the Assembly, both by the first circumscription of Paris and by Marseilles, defeating Hippolyte Carnot for the former constituency and Thiers and Lesseps for the latter.

Army corps, and within the circumscription of the academie (educational division) of Grenoble.