Sentence Examples with the word circumferential

In the case of a culvert the circumferential rods are sometimes laid continuously in the form of a spiral as in the Bordenave system.

In one case which has been investigated this circumferential pressure exceeds 26 tons per sq.

First in importance is the question of the position of the principal plane, passing through the sun, and containing the circumferential regions of the cloud.

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This aggregation of genera and of endemic species is characteristic of the circumferential portions of the earths land surface: the expansion of the one and the further advance of the other is arrested.

The cyst should be treated like a liver-abscess, by incision through the abdominal or thoracic wall, by circumferential suturing and by exploration and drainage.

Ft., while certain brickwork linings in mining shafts are subject to very high circumferential stresses, due to known water-pressures.

A series of nine equal resistances, say 1-ohm coils, or nine loo-ohm coils, are joined in between these circumferential blocks (fig.

Of a boss and circumferential annular channel, are placed face to face on a shaft, to which B is keyed, A being free (fig.

It was also shown that annealing, which has such a large effect upon circumferential (or longitudinal) changes, has almost none upon transverse ones.