Sentence Examples with the word circumference

In circumference and 26 sq.

If AC and CB are each less than half the circumference of a disk the pressure on C will increase on the side of A and diminish on the side of B.

EPICYCLOID, the curve traced out by a point on the circumference of a circle rolling externally on another circle.

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Barlow, Sturgeon and others then showed that a copper disk could be made to rotate between the poles of a horseshoe magnet when a current was passed through the disk from the centre to the circumference, the disk being rendered at the same time freely movable by making a contact with the circumference by means of a mercury trough.

It has been found, however, in the case of such circular or belt railways, that the time lost in traversing the circle and in walking from the circumference to the centre is so great that the gain in journey speed over a direct surface tramway or omnibus is entirely lost.

When the agreed-on weight is on the drum, the silk is drawn across the face of the drum parallel with its axle, and pulled off in form of a sheet, and is called a lap. This lap is thin, but presents the fibres of silk now joined and overlapped in a continuous form, the length measured by the circumference of the drum.

Each cylinder has a platinum wire fused to the upper circumference to connect with a clamp from which a wire leads to the proper pole of the battery.

Hence, in order that this zone may be perfectly formed, there should be no error in the circumference of the order of ooi cm.

Is the median plane of the second pair the The fraction of leaf; and when the leaves are leaves are placed the circumference arranged alternately on an laterally, and so of the stem exaxis so that their median on.

The colony of the insane is established in the farms and houses round the little place within a circumference of 30 m.