Sentence Examples with the word circularly

But the most important case, on account of its practical application to determining the sign of a crystal, is that in which the light is plane polarized and circularly analysed or the reverse.

By means of circularly disposed muscular fibrils formed from the endoderm the tentacles can be protracted or thrust out after contraction.

The shadow of a circular disk and of a screen circularly perforated.

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The phenomenon of interference produced by crystalline plates is considerably modified if the light be circularly or elliptically polarized or analysed by the interposition of a quarter-wave between the crystal and the polarizer or analyser.

Common light, circularly polarized and partially circularly polarized light all have the characteristic of giving two streams of equal intensity on passing through a rhomb of Iceland spar, however it may be turned.

Since the two circular streams have different speeds, Fresnel argued that it would be possible to separate them by oblique refraction, and though the divergence is small, since the difference of their refractive indices in the case of quartz is only about o 00007, he succeeded by a suitable arrangement of alternately rightand left-handed prisms of quartz in resolving a plane-polarized stream into two distinct circularly polarized streams. A similar arrangement was used by Ernst v.

This is the principle of Fresnel's rhomb, that is sometimes employed instead of a quarter-wave plate for obtaining a stream of circularly polarized light.

The muscular system of the Scyphomedusae is developed on the subumbral surface as a system of circularly disposed fibres which by their contraction make the umbrella more concave and diminish its FIG.

A wire magnetized longitudinally and circularly becomes twisted.

Let us suppose that the light is circularly analysed and that the primitive and final planes of polarization are at right angles.