Sentence Examples with the word circlet

The velum is also provided with a circlet of twelve tantacles (in some species sixteen) which hang backwards into the pharynx; these are the velar tentacles.

A circlet of cilia forms when the embryo is still nearly spherical in an equatorial position.

It is composed of a circlet of gold, adorned with precious stones and pearls, heightened with fleurs-de-lys, and is raised above the circlet in the form of a cap which is opened in the middle, so that the lower part is crescentshaped; across this opening from front to back rises an arched fillet, enriched with pearls and surmounted by an orb, on which is a cross of pearls.

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The typical torque is a circlet with twisted rope-like strands, the ends not joined together; the torque was usually worn with the opening in the front as seen in a figure of a Gaul in a sculptured sarcophagus in the Capitoline Museum at Rome.

On his effigy in Westminster Abbey shows a circlet surmounted by four crosses and four fleurs-de-lys alternately, and has two arches rising from it.

In general it rather resembles a closed crown, consisting of a circlet from which rise two arches intersecting each other at right angles.

Created Richard de Vere marquess of Dublin, and invested him by girding on a sword, and by placing a golden circlet on his head.

Tr ophosome, polyps with an upper circlet of numerous capitate tentacles, and a lower circlet of filiform tentacles.

It is composed of a circlet of pure gold set with pearls and precious stones in great profusion, which gives it a most sumptuous appearance.

This circlet of gill-lamellae led Cuvier to class the limpets as Cyclobranchiata, and, by erroneous identification of them with the series of metamerically repeated ctenidia of Chiton, to associate the latter mollusc with the former.