Sentence Examples with the word cinque

Lydd was made a member of the Cinque Port of Romney, and in 1290 was granted the same liberties and free customs as the Cinque Ports on condition of aiding the service of its head-port to the crown with one ship. This charter was confirmed by Edward III.

By the reign of Henry II., if not before, Winchelsea was practically added to the Cinque Ports and shared their liberties.

Battle Of Dover This famous and important naval victory was won off the town of Dover by the ships of the Cinque Ports on the 21st of August 1217, during the minority of King Henry III.

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Of Tenterden, which is a member of the affiliated Cinque Port of Rye.

The patronage attached to the office consists of the right to appoint the judge of the Cinque Ports admiralty court, the registrar of the Cinque Ports and the marshal of the court; the right of appointing salvage commissioners at each Cinque Port and the appointment of a deputy to act as chairman of the Dover harbour board in the absence of the lord warden.

WALMER, a watering-place, and member of the Cinque Port of Sandwich, in the St Augustine's parliamentary division of Kent, England, 2 m.

But the perfect plastic art of Italy, the pure art of the Cinque Cento, the painting of Raphael, Da Vinci, Titian and Correggio, the sculpture of Donatello, Michelangelo and Sansovino, the architecture of Bramante, Omodeo and the Venetian Lombardi, however much imbued with the spirit of the classical revival, takes rank beside the poetry of Ariosto as a free intelligent product of the Renaissance.

When they were to windward of his fleet the Cinque Port ships bore down on the enemy.

But medieval estimates of numbers are never to be trusted, and the strength of the Cinque Port squadron was probably diminished to exalt the national glory.

The Cinque Ports from the earliest times claimed to be exempt from the jurisdiction of the admiral of England.