Sentence Examples with the word cingulum

The cingulum appears to be represented by the margin, usually produced into long petal-like 4 5 6 From Comb.

Choeropotamus is a European Oligocene genus with bunodont molars which show a conspicuous basal cingulum in the lower dentition; the first premolar is absent.

There is a dorsal interruption to the disk, in volving both trochus and cingulum and groove in this case the two halves of the disk may be developed in lobes, flower-shaped in Melicerta ringens, but often rounded and projecting like kettledrums. These give a strong impression of two crown wheels revolving in the same sense.

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The trochus forms the powerful currents for locomotion, and for the supply of food material, while the cingulum produces a local current round the upper rim of the corona to bring the food particles direct to the mouth, which is displaced through a postero-ventral gap in the trochus to lie behind the disk, just as occurs in the more specialized Ciliata.