Sentence Examples with the word cinchona

Maury introduced the cultivation of cinchona in Mexico so that quinine could be produced to fight yellow fever.

Numerous rivers flow through the valleys between these spurs, which are the native home of the quinine-yielding cinchona trees.

SA.) Qtjinine, the most important alkaloid contained in cinchona bark (see Cinchona).

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K., or Arracacha esculenta), indigo, rubber (Castilloa), ivorynuts, cinchona and bread-fruit.

The industry is destructive in method, and the area of cinchona forests is steadily diminishing.

This is also the case with the cinchona febrifuge prepared from C. succirubra.

The cultivation of cinchona was introduced into India in the year 1860 under the auspices of government, owing to the efforts of Sir Clements Markham, and a stock of plants was prepared and distributed to planters in the Nilgiris and in Coorg.

The other alkaloids of cinchona bark - quinidine, cinchonidine, and cinchonine - also possess similar properties, but all are much less effective than quinine.

The cinchona has recently been introduced with complete success; and the mahogany of America reaches a large size, and gives promise of being grown for use as timber.

The sulphate of quinine and the cinchona febrifuge thus produced are issued for the most part to medical officers in the various provinces, to gaols, and to the authorities of native states; but a large and increasing amount is disposed of in the form of 5-grain packets, costing a farthing each, through the medium of the post-offices.