Sentence Examples with the word ciliate

Leeuwenhoek, to whom we also owe the discovery of Bacteria and ciliate Infusoria.

Aristocystis may have had ciliate iQre?s food-grooves leading to its mouth, f o,.

In most rotifers, on the contrary, the trochus is stronger than the cingulum, often lobed, and with some of its cilia aggregated into vibratile styles homologous with the combplates of Ctenophora (q.v.) and the membranelles of ciliate Infusoria (q.v.).

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After a fierce attack on Protestants caused by the mutilation of a statue of the Virgin, in 1528, the king, anxious to con ciliate both the German Protestants and anti-papal England, invited some of the reformers of Meaux to preach in the Louvre.

Bdelloidaceae; foot with two toes and accessory spurs or a simple perforated disk; body telescopic at either end, with an antero-dorsal proboscis ending in a ciliate cup and bearing the proximal antenna; corona usually bilobed, very wheel-like.

The hydroid Dicoryne 'is re- ' markable for the possession of gonophores, which are ciliate and become detached and swim away by means of their cilia.