Sentence Examples with the word chute

De la chute des Jesuites (Paris, 1846), represented Clement as lamentably, almost culpably, weak; CretineauJoly, in his Hist..

De Keratry, La Creance Jecker; l'empereur Maximilien, son elevation et sa chute (translated into English by Venables); La Contre-guerilla francaise au Mexique, are specially noteworthy; Prince Felix Salm-Salm's Diary gives valuable information as to Maximilian's decline and fall.

He is the author of La Contre-guerilla franraise au Mexique (1868); L'Elevation et la chute de l'empereur Maximilien (1867); Le Quatre-septembre et le gouvernement de la defense nationale (1872); Mourad V.

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His Eastern travels (Voyage en Orient) appeared in 1835, his Chute d'un ange and Jocelyn in 1837, and his Recueillements, the last remarkable volume of his poetry, in 1839.

The Indian sulphur miners go down by means of ladders, or are lowered by rope and windlass, and the mineral is sent down the mountain side in a chute 2000 to 3000 ft.

La Chute d'un ange, in which the Byronic influence is more obvious than in any other of Lamartine's works, and in which some have also seen that of Alfred de Vigny, is more ambitious in theme, and less regulated by scrupulous conditions of delicacy in handling, than most of its author's poetry.

Gentil, La Chute de l'Empire de Rabah (Paris, 1902).

Bonnal de Ganges, La Chute d'une republique (Venise) (Paris, 1885); E.

See Achille de Vaulabelle, Chute de l'empire: histoire des deux restaurations (Paris, 1847-1857); Louis de Vielcastel, Hist.