Sentence Examples with the word churchman

ANTONIO ESCOBAR Y MENDOZA (1589-1669), Spanish churchman of illustrious descent, was born at Valladolid in 1589.

Faulkner, Cyprian the Churchman (Cincinnati and New York, 1906).

To them only two callings were generally open, that of the churchman and that of the soldier, and the latter as a rule offered greater attractions than the former in an era of much licence and little learning.

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But in Eckhart the attitude of the churchman and traditionalist is entirely abandoned.

Wiener, The Churchman (1908), p. 23.

They found standing in their way the very man who had been the author of their fortunes, Louis XV.s tutor, uneasy in the exercise of a veiled authority; for the churchman Fleury knew how to wait, on condition of ultimately attaining his end.

The Congregationalist (afterwards published in Boston) and the Churchman (afterwards published in New York) were also founded at Hartford.

An orthodox churchman himself, he effected in 519 a reconciliation of the Eastern and Western Churches, after a schism of thirty-five years (see HoRMISDAS).

To enter his capital: as one under excommunication, he had to see an interdict immediately fall on the city, and it was with his own hands - for no churchman could perform the office - that he had to take his crown from the altar of the church of the Sepulchre, and crown himself king of his new kingdom.

In 1810 the Christian Instructor began to appear under the editorship of Dr Andrew Thomson, a churchman of vigorous intellect and noble character.