Sentence Examples with the word chunk

When they came to the mountain it proved to be a rugged, towering chunk of deep green glass, and looked dismal and forbidding in the extreme.

I imagine that took a chunk out of his savings.

Mauch Chunk cluding the Bur- 4.

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Brady held up the chunk of steel.

Dan entered their command tent and threw down a chunk of blackened metal.

The principal buildings in Mauch Chunk are the county court house, a county gaol, a Young Men's Christian Association building, and the Dimmick Memorial Library (1890).

His muscular back glistened with perspiration as he swung the ax, expertly splitting a chunk of wood.

Carmen grabbed a chunk of wood from the box and jerked the stove door open.

He knew Tim to be wealthy, but he could fit a good chunk of his militia in the house alone.

Anshan-- a chunk of rock in space-- was smarter than the entire Council combined, even Jetr, who was content to mediate between him and the Council without truly choosing sides.