Sentence Examples with the word chubby

I may have gained a few pounds driving around the countryside but I refute the label chubby and all its intonations.

I clapped my chubby hands for joy when I saw that the rose-bushes were covered with lovely buds.

Both men called us each by alias names we'd made up early on but our individual functions remained unclear to them We have a description... chubby guy, dark hair and a mustache.

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Carmen said, grabbing her hand and kissing the chubby little fingers.

Then I will take his soft chubby hand in mine, and go out in the bright sunshine with him.

Next I was shown a photograph of a chubby cheeked man about forty, with short hair and a six o'clock shadow.

Her gaze settled on the statue of Rhyn, whose large eyes held an ominous look too old for his chubby little face.

In 2008 DuPont identified a gene in corn that could increase the yield of oil by more than 40 percent, essentially making a chubby version of corn.

Jenn laughed softly at Talia's chubby hands trying to grasp the bright bauble.