Sentence Examples with the word chronologically

The chronologically misplaced account of the successful opposition in the time of Ahasuerus (i.e.

Though longer chronologically than the annals of Europe, it is less eventful, less diversified and offers fewer personalities of interest.

It is not as yet possible, except very partially, to arrange chronologically the snatches of biography to be gleaned from these stories.

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The penal laws under which Friends suffered may be divided chronologically into those of the Commonwealth and the Restoration periods.

There appear, therefore, to be at least two definite significations of the title Alexandrian School; or rather, there are two Alexandrian schools, distinct both chronologically and in substance.

Arranged chronologically these works are as follows: 1 755.

But it may be doubted whether such a meeting was chronologically possible.

The philosophy of Fichte, worked out in a series of writings, and falling chronologically into two distinct periods, that of Jena and that of Berlin, seemed in the course of its development to undergo a change so fundamental that many critics have sharply separated and opposed to one another an earlier and a later phase.

Minot (1844-1850); see also Mr Bancroft Davis's Notes upon the Treaties of the United States with other Powers, preceded by a list of the Treaties and Conventions with Foreign Powers, chronologically arranged and followed by an Analytical Index and a Synoptical Index of the Treaties (1873).

The book falls naturally into three sections, chronologically arranged: (1) Chaps.