Sentence Examples with the word chronicler

Hence the chronicler makes no secret of his antecedents, nor did they interfere with his career.

The date of the Chronicler may be placed about 300 B.C., so Palmyra must have been in existence long before then.

The age is noted for its chronicles, beginning with the anonymous life of the Portuguese Cid, the Holy Constable Nuno Alvares Pereira, told in charming infantile prose, the translated Chronica da fundirao do moesteyro de Sam Vicente, and the Vida Fernao Lopes (q.v.), the father of Portuguese history and author of chronicles of King Pedro, King Ferdinand and King John I., has been called by Southey the best chronicler of any age or nation.

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Are left untold, but the Chronicler omits the revolt of Absalom and 1 If Ewald's brilliant interpretation of an obscure word in 2 Sam.

St Andrew Undershaft, so named because a Maypole used to be set up before the former church on May-day, is late Perpendicular (c. 1530); and contains a monument to John Stow the chronicler (d.

We need not suppose that the Chronicler quotes from the Psalter or vice versa, the matter which they have in common being probably derived from certain traditional songs current among the Levitical singers.

All these poems, like the Elegiada of Luis Pereira Brandao on the disaster of Al Kasr, the Primeiro cerco de Diu of the chronicler Francisco de Andrade, and even the AfTonso Africano of Quevedo, for all its futile allegory, contain striking episodes and vigorous and well-coloured descriptive passages, but they cannot compare with The Lusiads in artistic value.

But this is hardl y probable unless we are to suppose that they never officiated simultaneously, in which case we should certainly have expected that the psalm quoted by the Chronicler (i Chron..

Probably Dante knew of him only from the chronicler as a persecuted philosopher.

The statement generally made that the chronicler was born at Fordoun (Kincardineshire) has not been supported by any direct evidence.