Sentence Examples with the word chronically

I don't think the axiom is literally true (except perhaps for the chronically clumsy), but I get the gist.

Start with India, which has more chronically hungry people than any other country.

Silent, slow, and solemn; bowing over still further his chronically broken back, he toiled away, as if toil were life itself, and the heavy beating of his hammer the heavy beating of his heart.

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Building and the allied trades are chronically brisk, owing to the constant development of the city.

The Lodovisi, with unparalleled rapacity Urban's Barberini enriched themselves from a chronically depleted treasury.

Harley by this time was losing influence and was becoming chronically incapable of any sustained effort.

White men, who take proper precautions, and are not chronically soaked with cane-spirit, stand the climate perfectly, but the creole whites are still too much caballeros to devote themselves to agricultural work.

This is basically the situation in many of earth's chronically hungry countries.

You keep saying that, but I think you're chronically frugal.

The district, which was in a chronically disturbed state before the annexation, was not reduced till two years afterwards, many officers losing their lives, among them Phayre, the first deputy-commissioner.