Sentence Examples with the word chromic acid

Potash fusion converts it into acetic acid; nitric acid oxidizes it to acetic and oxalic acids; chromic acid mixture to acetaldehyde and acetic acid, and potassium permanganate to a0-dioxybutyric acid.

On oxidation .ith chromic acid it forms a quinone, C 15 H 8 0 2, and an a-diphenylene keto carboxylic acid C E I-4 3.

He inferred that chromic acid must contain only three atoms of oxygen, as did sulphuric acid SO 3; consequently chromic oxide, which contains half the amount of oxygen, must be Cr 2 O 3, and hence ferric oxide must be Fe203.

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Carbon bisulphide slowly oxidizes on exposure to air, but by the action of potassium permanganate or chromic acid it is readily oxidized to carbon dioxide and sulphuric acid.

Ruff (Ber., 18 9 8, 3 1, p. 457) from nitro-di-isobutyl by reducing it to the corresponding hydroxylamino compound with aluminium amalgam and oxidizing this with chromic acid mixture.

Chem., 9, p. 405; To, p. Chromic acid oxidizes phenanthrene, first to phenanthrene-quinone, and then to diphenic acid, HO 2 C C 6 H 4 C 6 H 4 C02H.

Sodium amalgam reduces it to acenaphthene; chromic acid oxidizes it to naphthalic acid.

Nitric acid oxidizes it to adipic acid, and chromic acid to cyclo-hexanone.

Reduction by sodium amalgam converts it into isopropyl alcohol; oxidation by chromic acid gives carbon dioxide and acetic acid.

On oxidation with chromic acid they yield dinitrohydrocarbons, and on reduction with hydroxylamine (in alkaline solution) or with potassium sulphydrate give ketoximes, RR': C: NOH (R.