Sentence Examples with the word chrome

The chief ones are nickel steel, manganese steel, chrome steel and chrome-tungsten steel.

Dean and Sackler drove about a mile down old Route 22 to a chrome and Formica railroad-car diner straight out of the fifties.

In the Gundagai district the industry was rapidly becoming a valuable one, but the low price of chrome has greatly restricted the output.

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The purple-blue of cobalt, the chrome green or yellow of chromium, the dichroic canarycolour of uranium and the violet of manganese, are constant.

For example, episomorphs of white potash alum and violet chrome alum, of white magnesium sulphate and green nickel sulphate, and of many other pairs of salts, have been obtained.

The island imports wines, spirits, tissues, clothing and ironmongery; and exports ores, nickel, cobalt and chrome (which represent over three-quarters of the total exports in value), preserved meats and hides, coffee, copra and other colonial produce.

In unlimited supply, important deposits of rich iron ores suitable for smelting purposes; and for the manufacture of steel of certain descriptions abundance of manganese, chrome and tungsten ores are available.

Another point to which attention is directed is the exceptionally great effect which hardening has upon the magnetic properties of chrome steel; one specimen had a coercive force of 9 when annealed, and of no less than 38 when oilhardened.

Potassium bichromate, K 2 Cr 2 0 7, is obtained by fusing chrome ironstone with soda ash and lime (see above), the calcium chromate formed in the process being decomposed by a hot solution of potassium sulphate.

There are many other valuable ores - copper, iron, lead, zinc, antimony, chrome and manganese.