Sentence Examples with the word christmas eve

In April 1585 Sir Amyas Paulet was appointed to the office of which Sadler, accused of careless indulgence, had requested to be relieved; and on Christmas Eve she was removed from the hateful shelter of Tutbury to the castle of Chartley in the same county.

He spent the autumn at Venice, and was well enough on Christmas Eve to conduct his early symphony (composed in 1833) at a private performance given at the Liceo Marcello.

It was late and they planned to go to church tomorrow for a Christmas Eve program.

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Melanchthon, who was for a moment carried away by the movement, partook, with several of his students, of the communion under both kinds, and on Christmas Eve a crowd invaded the church of All Saints, broke the lamps, threatened the priests and made sport of the venerable ritual.

On Christmas Eve the Tuscumbia schoolchildren had their tree, to which they invited me.

A halfpenny was expected from every one to whom these were exhibited, and bad luck was thought to menace the household not visited by the doll-bearers before Christmas Eve at the latest.

After remaining at the port just over a year the Highlanders were withdrawn, on Christmas Eve 1839.

The service on Christmas Eve day was, of course, about Jesus.

It's like opening presents Christmas Eve and then wrapping them back up so you can open them Christmas morning.

By the end of the year the blockhouse system was complete, but this phase of the war was destined to close badly as De Wet on Christmas Eve captured a large force of Yeomanry at Tweefontein, west of Harrismith.