Sentence Examples with the word christiania

But his health was broken down by too assiduous study, and he died at Christiania on the 18th of February 1899, six months after his return.

Of Christiania by the Skien railway.

Munch of Christiania (1860).

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Of Christiania on the Skien railway.

About this time, his father, a poor Protestant minister, died, and the family was left in straitened circumstances; but a small pension from the state allowed Abel to enter Christiania University in 1821.

The exact etymology of vikingr itself is not certain: for we do not know whether vik is used in a general sense (bay, harbour) in this connexion, or in a particular sense as the Vik, the Skagerrack and Christiania Fjord.

It is the junction of railways from Christiania to Haugsund, Kongsberg and H8nefos, and to Laurvik and Skien.

There exist at the museum in Christiania the remains of two boats which were found in the neighbourhood: one, the Gokstad ship, is in very tolerable preservation.

Of Christiania by sea.

Of Christiania by rail.