Sentence Examples with the word chow

The road from Yun-nan Fu to Bhamo in Burma via Ta-li Fu (12 days), Teng-yueh Chow or Momein (8 days) and Manwyne - beyond Ta-li Fu it is a difficult mountain route.

In 1770 B.C. a northern horde had plundered the capital, which was then in the present department of Si-gan, Shen-si, and killed the king, whose son withdrew across the Ho and established himself in a new centre, near the present city of Lo-yang in Ho-nan; but from that time the prestige of Chow was gone.

The lead dog was the Chow she had recognized the night the dogs attacked Brutus.

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The Li ki, or Books of Rites and Ancient Ceremonies and of Institutions, chiefly of the Chow dynasty, have come down to us in a sadly mutilated condition.

Above Chang-te Fu; and (4) the Ling-kiang, which flows from the tea district of Ho-feng Chow to the Tung-t'ing lake.