Sentence Examples with the word chose

A new congress was formed at Chuquisaca in April 1828, which modified the constitution given by Bolivar, and chose Marshal Santa Cruz for president; but only a year later a revolution, led by General Blanco, threw the country into disorder and for a time overturned the government.

Aesop at once chose the largest one.

He chose the most mundane of daily activities.

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In 1567, after the death of Philip the Magnanimous, his youngest son George received Darmstadt and chose it as his residence.

The insurgents chose as their captain one George Petrovich, nicknamed Kara Georgi (i.e.

With a sense of deep dread, he felt for the first time that the role he expected of her may not be a role she chose to fulfill.

She chose her words carefully.

Later on he chose Mer y for his residence, and was the owner of a house and garden there.

He deliberately chose the difficult route over the French Alps because he recognized that his opponents would neither expect him by this route nor be able to concert combined operations in time to thwart him.

On the fall of the Orlando Cabinet in June 1919, the new Premier Nitti chose Tittoni as Foreign Minister and first delegate at the Peace Conference, but the severe strain of the work told on his health and he was forced to resign in November.