Sentence Examples with the word chore

Quinn yawned in a show of how exhausted he was after what he considered this time-wasting chore I'd assigned.

If he, Cynthia, and Fred were tasked with simply finding the identity of the old bones, the chore would be difficult at best and limited to Fred and his cronies researching old records.

I was left sitting on my hands until the appointed hour of Howie's nap before Betsy assigned me the chore of remaining in the small room while he slept.

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We'll take care of this little chore right here in the barn.

With that odious chore behind him, Dean began to formalize his notes on yesterday's interviews.

Looks like this chore is going to cut into your garage sale and auction time.

Thanks to Alex, that chore had been turned into a simple twist of a knob.

My next chore was to check in with After.

He hesitated, probably not liking the idea of leaving that chore to her.

Another chore for Howie, I thought.