Sentence Examples with the word chopped

Sasha was far too chopped up to be alive.

An uncomfortable silence surrounded them for a while as Rachel diced tomatoes and Adrienne chopped the lettuce.

In chopped off sentences she explained the situation to Mary.

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When piles were used they were the rough stems of trees of a length proportioned to the depth of the water, sharpened sometimes by fire and at other times chopped to a point by hatchets.

She chopped at his hand with one dagger, slamming the sword into the ground as she whirled and slashed his neck with her other hand.

Even though she'd seen Logan in her apartment, before Gabriel chopped him down.

Darian was chopped into so many pieces that there'd been no body to bury.

She chopped at the hamburger meat in the skillet with a spatula.

She wanted to go down on her own terms, not lured into a false sense of safety before he chopped off her head.

The remains, which include not only the skeleton and skin, but likewise the droppings, were found buried in grass which appears to have been chopped up by man, and it thus seems not only evident that these ground-sloths dwelt in the cave, but that there is a considerable probability of their having been kept there in a semi-domesticated state by the early human inhabitants of Patagonia.