Sentence Examples with the word choke

If the first method be adopted, the trouble which presents itself is that the tar contains a high percentage of pitch, which tends rapidly to choke and clog up all the pipes.

Without this occasional drying of the soil the finer grasses and the leguminous plants will infallibly be lost; while a scum of confervae and other algae will collect upon the surface and choke the higher forms of vegetation.

Her lip quivered and a sob threatened to choke off her voice.

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I will choke it with my strong arms.

Then I will jump out and throw my arms around its neck and choke it to death.

Wide, and for larger vessels at Breslau, and great exertions are made by the government to deepen and keep open the channel, which still shows a strong tendency to choke itself with sand in certain places.

Not the kind of day to slowly choke to death while you leave your customers waiting.

In the corner room at the club, members gathered to read these broadsheets, and some liked the way Karpushka jeered at the French, saying: They will swell up with Russian cabbage, burst with our buckwheat porridge, and choke themselves with cabbage soup.

Put her in a choke hold.

If she were a man, he would not hesitate to choke her breath from her until she agreed or died.