Sentence Examples with the word chipped

Reels were also commonly used for net making, of pottery (108) or even pebbles (1o9)withagroove chipped around.

When cold the pan was chipped away, and the cake of glass broken up into convenient pieces, free of sediment and of scum.

Recently elevated marine clays, of post-glacial date, fringe the south-eastern coast, while gravels with marine shells, side by side with flint implements chipped by early man, have been lifted some 20 ft.

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Between 1850 and 1860 French and English geologists were induced to examine into the facts, and found irresistible the evidence that man existed and used rude implements of chipped flint during the Quaternary or Drift period.

We chipped in clearing the table and cleaning the dishes.

You've GPS chipped me, killed six women, warned me about betraying you and now, you're hunting me down like a people-burger.

For the knives chipped from flint by prehistoric man see Archaeology and Flint Implements.

They split the silicious rocks with stonehammers,and then chipped Metal- Gold, silver, copper, pure or mixed with tin or silver, thread, but in the Gulf states the existence of excellent cane and grasses gave opportunity for several varieties of weaving.

His slow smile scared her while the penetrating gaze chipped away at more of her resolve.

It is probable that certain rudely chipped flints, so-called eoliths, in the alluvial gravels (formed generally at the mouth of wadis opening on to the Nile) at Thebes and elsewhere, are the work of primitive man; but it has been shown that such are produced also by natural forces in the rush of torrents.