Sentence Examples with the word chili

Amunatequi, Descubri miento y conquista de Chile (Santiago, 1885), a valuable detailed account of the Spanish conquest; by same author, Los Precursores de la independencia de Chile (Santiago, 1870), a clear useful description of the evils of the Spanish colonial system; Horacio Lara, Cronica de la Araucania (Santiago, 1889), a history of the Araucanian Indians right up to recent dates; Abbe Eyzaguirre, Histoire du Chili (Lille, 1855), mainly dealing with the position of the Church during the colonial period.

My wife looked concerned as she dished out homemade chili and corn bread.

The sight of the lights thrilled her, reminded her she needed to stop moping around and live her life like a glowing chili pepper.

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Screw both men; she was getting her chili pepper lights.

CHILE, or Chili (derived, it is said, from the Quichua chiri, cold, or tchili, snow), a republic of South America, occupying the narrow western slope of the continent between Peru and its southern extremity.

She wanted a life filled with chili pepper lights.

Australia and Argentina need it for wool and wheat, Chili and Brazil for nitrates and coffee, Asiatic countries for rice, and the world as a whole for its increased output of produce.

There is a chili I love called Wolf Brand chili.

Perez Garcia's Historia del reino de Chile (Santiago, 1900), an old history by a Spanish officer written about 1780, and Molina's History of Chili in the English translation (London, 1809), will also be found useful.

Her eyes went to the strange red chili lights dangling around the edge of the kitchen.