Sentence Examples with the word chicory

Sow salading every ten days; also carrots, onions and radishes for drawing young; and chicory for salads; sow endive for a full crop. In the first week sow Early Munich and Golden Ball turnips for succession, and in the third week for a full autumn crop. Sow scarlet and white runner beans for a late crop, and cabbages for coleworts.

Agricultural implements, glass and chicory are manufactured.

Sow vegetable marrows and hardy cucumbers on a warm border in the last week; sow cardoons in trenches, or (in the north) in pots under glass shelter; sow chicory for salading.

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Its industries include linen and cotton weaving, dyeing, calico printing, brewing, ship-building and the manufacture of tobacco, glass, soap, chocolate, leather, lamps, chicory and chemicals.

Tobacco, hemp, hops, colza and chicory form special cultures.

Of almost equal importance are the sugar refineries and chicory factories.

Tobacco, oil-seeds, chicory and hops may also be specified, while a little wine, of an inferior quality, is produced near Granberg.

The constant use of chicory for coffee, and of woad for indigo, was apt to produce a reaction in favour of a humdrum peaceful policy; and yet, by a recent imperial decree, Frenchmen had the prospect of seeing the use of the new and imperfectly made beet sugar enforced from the 1st of January 1813, after which date all cane sugar was excluded as being of British origin.

Plant chicory in boxes or on hotbeds for blanching.