Sentence Examples with the word chicken

He's too chicken shit to kill you, Darian.

Fred said he was too mind-stuffed with all these goings-on to eat a bite of supper, but when Cynthia supplied cold chicken and potato salad, he ate two helpings, just out of politeness.

Hawks and turkey buzzards are common types of the larger birds, and the wild turkey, prairie chicken and quail are the principal game birds.

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I lined up behind an old fellow whose odor almost caused me to skip the meal entirely but I stuck with it and was rewarded by a tasty bowl of chicken soup and a fresh baked roll.

She turned the wooden latch and threw the door open, ducking as a chicken flew over her head.

When Miss Sullivan went out in the barnyard and picked up a little chicken and talked to Helen about it, she was giving a kind of instruction impossible inside four walls, and impossible with more than one pupil at a time.

Jonathan slid off the swing and took a short cut through the house to the chicken coup.

The way he had rescued her from the dogs, and from the fox in the chicken house - yes, there were a lot of wonderful memories on this farm.

On Friday the chicken house was completed.

Warm him some chicken soup and make sure he drinks plenty of water.