Sentence Examples with the word chewing

Clay-pipes may also give rise to cancer of lips in males in England, while cancer of the mouth of both sexes is common in India where chewing a mixture of betel leaves, areca-nut, tobacco and slaked lime is the usual practice.

Hemp as a drug or intoxicant for smoking and chewing occurs in the three forms of bhang, ganja and charas.

All around him were the cows of the abbey, some chewing their cuds, and others like their master quietly sleeping.

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This method is employed in a portion of Virginia and results in a very sweet chewing tobacco.

Deidre closed the file, chewing her lip.

The process, which requires great judgment and care, results in the bright yellow leaf so largely used for pipe tobacco, cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

The latter sometimes lapses into methods which are not usually thought compatible with prison discipline, such as the permission to play on musical instruments, the holding of concerts, the privilege of smoking and chewing tobacco, of receiving baskets of provisions, novels and newspapers from friends outside.

I mean, when Dulce isn't chewing you out.

I wasn't chewing you out.

They didn't know what to think - you coming in here all huffy and chewing me out.